jQuery Tabs Plugin Examples and Templates

Templates and Examples

We've created more than 30 templates to get you started quickly. You can select your preferred template or modify each to create your own Tabs. It's dead simple to take these ready-to-use HTML template, just grab the code and drop it (included in the download) in your project or web site. We regularly add new examples to this list. You may follow us on Twitter, or join our Facebook to get notified about new templates and updates.

AnimationOrientations and Positioning

Orientations and Positioning

AnimationResponsive Tabs

Responsive Tabs

AnimationMobile Tabs

Mobile Tabs

AnimationMultiline Tabs

Multiline Tabs

AnimationAJAX Content

AJAX Content

AnimationTab Sizes

Tab Sizes

AnimationNested Tabs

Nested Tabs

AnimationClean Tabs

Clean Tabs

AnimationVertical Tabs

Vertical Tabs



AnimationUnderlined Tabs

Underlined Tabs

Tabs API

Flat Theme Pack Extension - Zozo Tabs comes with 20 new flat themes which are in dark and light version.





AnimationCallback Events

Callback Events

AnimationDynamically Add/Remove Tabs

Dynamically Add/Remove Tabs

New! Flat UI Tabs

Flat Theme Pack Extension - Zozo Tabs comes with 20 new flat themes which are in dark and light version.

AnimationFlat Contained Tabs

Flat Contained Tabs

AnimationFlat Clean Tabs

Flat Clean Tabs

AnimationFlat Pills Tabs

Flat Pills Tabs

AnimationFlat Nested Tabs

Flat Nested Tabs

AnimationFlat Dark Tabs

Flat Dark Tabs

AnimationFlat Mobile Tabs

Flat Mobile Tabs

AnimationFlat Mobile Dark Tabs

Flat Mobile Dark Tabs

jQuery Tabs Layouts

Tabs are very flexible and customizable, horizontal tabs and vertical tabs. It can be positioned in 10 flexible ways.

AnimationHorizontal Top Left

Horizontal Top Left

AnimationHorizontal Top Right

Horizontal Top Right

AnimationHorizontal Top Center

Horizontal Top Center

AnimationHorizontal Top Justified

Horizontal Top Justified

AnimationHorizontal Bottom Left

Horizontal Bottom Left

AnimationHorizontal Bottom Right

Horizontal Bottom Right

AnimationHorizontal Bottom Center

Horizontal Bottom Center

AnimationHorizontal Bottom Justified

Horizontal Bottom Justified

AnimationVertical Left

Vertical Left

AnimationVertical Right

Vertical Right